A Certification Program often requires only a small number of classes to attain a professional certification. Many jobs today require professional certifications for advancement as well as entry level employment.


International Grant Writing (Certified International Grant Writer) | Package: $1,999

Course ID Course Name
IGW 5101 International Grant Writing Course
ICGW 5101-2 Certified International Grant Writer Exam


Certified Global Career Employment Counselor | Package: $1,200

Course ID Course Name
BUS 1104 Human Resource Management
BUS 1552 Marketing through Social Media
BUS 1451 Job Coaching

Students are required to take ONE of the following courses:

BUS 1621 Business Environment of Latin America
BUS 1631 Business Environment of Africa


Certified Public Speaker | Package: $500

Course ID Course Name
BUS 1452 Public  Speaking
BUS 1453 Designing and Marketing a Presentation


Certified Athletic Coach | Package: $700

Course ID Course Name
HPER 1501 Basic Coaching Fundamentals Course
HPER 1502 Coaching Strength & Conditioning Principles
HPER 1503 Sport Specific Technical and Tactical Skills