Leadership & Management Skills | BUS 1106

This course discusses how middle and senior-level managers/leaders can develop enhanced leadership competencies that promote building of high performing teams, developing successful organizational change strategies and enhancing organizational competitive advantage.

1st year student

Learning Objectives:
Students will:

  • Appreciate the conceptual and interpersonal competencies and skills needed to transition to middle and senior level leadership/management positions
  • Apply the conceptual and interpersonal skills and competencies required of middle/senior level leaders/managers to specific organizational challenges, including organizational change
  • Analyze various leadership scenarios and devise appropriate leader responses to situations participants commonly encounter in their organization
  • Apply appropriate leadership skills to build a high performing team
  • Analyze individual assessment results and identify specific actions to address any leader development gaps

Recommended Text:
Leadership Development. 2013.John Mitchell
How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills - Effective Strategies for Business Managers. 2013. Meir Liraz