Global Marketing  |  GMBA  1151

Description: This course is designed to demonstrate the role of marketing in the company; to explore the relationship of marketing to other functions; and to show how effective marketing builds on a thorough understanding of buyer behavior to create value for customers.

Learning Objectives: Students learn how to:

  • Make marketing decisions in the context of general management.

  • Control the elements of the marketing mix--product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing--to satisfy customer needs profitably.

  • Use this knowledge in a brand management simulation.

Action Learning Project: Students will create two projects during this course.

1. The first will be a short essay due between the sixth and eighth week of the course.

2. The second will be a research paper due between the twelfth and fourteenth week of the course.

*Students should consult with their online instructor on any questions regarding theme, design, research, etc.

Recommended Reading:

  • Global Marketing (8th Edition); Jan 17, 2014 by Warren J. Keegan and Mark C. Green

  • Global Marketing (7th Edition); Jan 30, 2012 by Warren J. Keegan and Mark C. Green