Setting and Reaching Goals | BUS 1107


This practical and insightful training will help you identify goals, prioritize them based on your core values, and develop plans to reach your goals in a realistic time frame.


1st year student

Learning Objectives:

Students will

  • Identify benefits, obstacles/solutions, specific steps, and support in the goal setting process.
  • Select appropriate goal(s) and complete each step of the goal setting process.
  • Identify obstacles and describe creative methods for overcoming or by-passing them.
  • Describe a step-by-step plan for implementing goals.
  • Demonstrate techniques for overcoming obstacles.
  • Develop an individual goal setting plan.
  • Create a step-by-step model for achieving goals including the target and review dates.

Recommended Reading:

Goal Setting: 21 Days To Achieving Life Changing Goals And Being Happy Happy Happy. 2014. Darrin Wiggins

Goal Setting: A 7 Step Guide to Reach Your Goals and Have One Hell of a Time.2014. Matt Harris